To assist you in planning your journey this section details a comprehensive list of things to take into consideration before departure.


Visas are the magic stamps in your passport which allow you to enter and leave foreign countries. These should be acquired before departure and are ultimately your personal responsibility to obtain. Visas are often obtained en-route but a few are more easily acquired in the UK. Budget a few hundred pounds for visas.
Please dont get your visas until your trip is confirmed and we send you your Visa Information as if you get them too early they may expire before you can use them. 

Many of our travellers have found it beneficial to use a 'Visa Service' and at Oz-Bus we recommend TRAVCOUR (UK), Tempo House, 15 Falcon Road, London, SW11 2PJ.
Tel: 0207 2235295

Travel Insurance

Specialist Travel Insurance for your next Adventure

We believe that your safety and enjoyment are equally important when travelling with OzBus UK Limited. It is therefore one of our terms and conditions of booking that you have adequate travel insurance in place before you travel with us.

We have teamed up with Endsleigh who offer two different levels of cover 'Essential and Comprehensive'. 'Essential' allows you to travel with the cover needed for holiday emergencies at a modest price, whilst 'Comprehensive' cover includes higher benefit levels and a wider range of cover including hospitalisation benefit, baggage delay and delayed departure.

Either policy will provide you with immediate cover should you be prevented from travelling due to an illness or serious accident. Each policy has over 90 sports and activities covered as standard, with the option to choose additional cover if required.

To save 10%, arrange instant cover and access documents online click here.

Make sure you bring your policy with you on the journey, and leave a copy with a friend or relative. Whichever policy you take out please read the small print. This must be obtained before joining the expedition.


These are ultimately your own responsibility and must be obtained before departure.

Ask your doctor or specialist travel clinic about the vaccinations you need and any other health needs. Take any documentation with you as proof of vaccination. Plan to stay healthy. If you need to carry medicine, check it is legal in the country you are visiting. Take a prescription and a GP's letter in case you are stopped by Customs or lose your medicine and need to replace it. Pack your medication in your hand luggage. Order extra prescriptions to cover the entire period of your stay.

Nomad Travel Clinic in London (020 8889 7014) will happily supply you with a comprehensive list and will also administer them if you require.


Prior to departure check your passport is valid for a minimum of six months from the end of your trip and you have about one free page per country (outside Europe for European passport holders) that your trip visits. Make sure you write the full details of your Next of Kin in the back of your passport. Take additional forms of photo-identification with you. It is recommended that you take a laminated copy of your photopage.


We always recommend you bring this along in a mixture of cash, and credit cards. Don't keep your credit cards, money, passport and travellers' cheques together in one place in case they are lost or stolen. Leave a credit card at home with your family or friends in case of an emergency.

We also believe a money belt to be vital. It's the safest way to carry not only cash and credit cards but also passports and any other important documents.

Sleeping Equipment

Sleeping Bag - A Sleeping bag is useful especially for the early departures London to Sydney but you may end up only using it in Australia. You can hire a sleeping bag for the Australian leg should you wish. A sleeping bag liner is highly recommended; it will pack up small and you can use it either as a sheet or to keep your sleeping bag clean. You will need a sleeping bag for the camping Africa trips and and the South American trip.
Pillow - Another item well worth investing a couple of pounds in.


If you're going backpacking then you'll need a backpack.

We recommend you bring one backpack and one day bag. The old style, external-framed rucksacks are out; the new style backpack-cum-carry bags very much in. These backpacks with conventional padded straps that can be zipped away if necessary giving the appearance of a soft suitcase. They also have a zip around the entire perimeter of the bag so access is not restricted to the top, enabling greater speed with packing/unpacking plus they can fit into spaces where rigid suitcases would not. Being restricted by the amount of luggage stowage space, we can't accommodate people bringing more than one back pack and you will most likely buy a lot along the way as well. If you bring too much to departure you may be asked to make your bag smaller, so don't bring more than is needed.

First Aid

In addition to your vaccinations we also advise you to bring your own basic First Aid Kit.  We will also carry a more extensive First Aid Kit onboard for emergencies, Please bring a First Aid Kit that includes hypodermic needles ( good ones are available from Nomad Travel in London - follow this link


The less you take the less you have to pack, wash, lug home and you'll always pick up extras along the way. You'll be travelling in the heat and camping in the cool, so bring clothes for all climates, rough stuff is best.



The easiest and best way to travel is as lightly as possible, taking just what is necessary. Most people make the mistake of bringing too much luggage.

Washing & Laundry

Most of the time we can find washing facilities every day or every few days. 

We Can Help

Preparing to travel needn't be a confusing business. To help plan your trip Oz-Bus have compiled the Pre-Departure page which contains information for your journey.

Please bear in mind that each departure will encounter very different climatic conditions and the time of year is a big consideration when planning your trip.

If after reading through the information you still have any questions then please feel free to contact us where we will be happy to assist you.

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