The classic OzBus route which started it all. Carefully developed with expert local operators, it includes the best night stops and highlights. But no two trips will ever be the same - come and write your own OzBus adventure. NOW AVAILABLE IN BOTH DIRECTIONS - London to Sydney and Sydney to London
London to Sydney Budget trips

London to Sydney - £6,499

Continuing for 2012 is the highly-successful London to Sydney Budget trip.

This is the hugely-enjoyable adventure that started it all - traversing three continents, 18 countries and countless highs. The route runs through Europe, Turkey, Iran, India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and onto Sydney via the Australian Outback.

We use a selection of multi-share hostels, budget hotels and camping in the Outback.

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London to Sydney Comfort trips

London to Sydney - Comfort upgrade £6,999

OzBus introduces our London to Sydney upgrade trips in 2012.

Accommodation can be upgraded from our standard budget accommodation to more comfortable twin share where available.

This is ideal for couples or friends who might otherwise be in a small dormitory.

Call us to find out where upgrades are available and the cost.

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