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  • Bruges (Belgium) - Heidelberg (Germany) - Prague (Czech Republic) - Vienna (Austria) - Budapest (Hungary) - Belgrade (Serbia) - Sofia, Plovdiv (Bulgaria) - Istanbul, Goreme, Cappadocia (Turkey) - Esfahan, Tehran (Iran) - Amritsar, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Delhi, Taj Mahal, Agra, Varanasi (India) - Chitwan National Park, Kathmandu, The Himalayas (Nepal) - Bangkok, Koh Samui (Thailand) - Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka (Malaysia) - Singapore - Java, Mt Bromo, Bali (Indonesia) - Kakadu National Park, Ayers Rock/Uluru, Adelaide, Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Sydney (Australia)... and so much more!


Below is our latest provisional itinerary, designed to give you a rough idea of the route we will be taking from London to Sydney. Due to political and environmental uncertainty, the route can be subject to change - but we will get there to complete the adventure of a lifetime!

Days 1-11


Kicking off in London, this epic adventure hits the ground running as it chalks off three countries in the opening day. Leaving England, we cross the Channel on a ferry to northern France before crossing into Belgium for our first evening in the beautiful, medieval town of Bruges. With its meandering waterways, enticing squares, classic buildings and host of chocolate shops, this is a wonderful place both to get the journey underway and get to know your fellow travellers.

Next up is Germany and, after travelling down the Rhine Valley with a stop-off in the historic university city of Heidelberg, we cross into the Czech Republic and head for the beautiful capital Prague. We will have plenty of time to explore its ancient castles and stunning palaces - not to mention tasting its famous beers - before we continue east to Austria and the sophistication of Vienna.

Passing lush vineyards and medieval villages, we arrive in Hungary - where the familiar west starts to take on a more Eastern European feel - to enjoy a goulash in the capital Budapest (actually two cities, Buda & Pest, separated by the river Danube) and we're back on the road. We pass through Serbia and its capital Belgrade, a mix of history and a modern city striving to emerge from a bloody recent past.

Bulgaria, where we stop off in Sofia and Plovdiv, and the Balkan mountains provide the final approach to a whole new continent as we close in on Istanbul and Asia!

London to Sydney - route map
  • Trip Cost 2012: Standard cost £6,499 - Departure Dates:
LS 23 April 12
LS 24 May 12
LS 25 June 12
LS 26 July 12
LS 27 Aug 12
LS28 Sept 12
LS29 Oct 12
SL 1 April 12
SL 2 May 12
SL 3 June 12
SL 4 July 12
SL 5 Aug 12
SL 6 Sept 12
SL 7 Oct 12
Day 11-24

Turkey & Iran

The gateway between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a city that has everything. We spend a couple of days exploring the markets and tasting the local cuisine, while you can take a day trip to Gallipoli to pay your respects to the men who fell here during the infamous First World War battle.

From the hustle and bustle of the city, we head east into the wild country of Turkey's mountainous heart. Veering off the tourist trail, we visit the wonderful lunar landscape of Cappadocia.

Continuing east past Erciyas Volcano, it is onto Mt Nemrut - famous for the giant statues built before the time of Christ. We are a long way from civilisation here with the chance to take an early morning hike to the summit to see the sunrise over the mountains.

After skirting Lake Van we find ourselves at the border town of Dogubeyazit - affectionately known as Doggy Biscuit! This is a good place for a party as alcohol is prohibited over the border.

Crossing the North West Iranian border, we head for the town of Tabriz with its stunning blue mosque and lively bazaars. Journeying south, the country becomes a mixture of mountains and salt desert as we head into the lively capital city Tehran.

Former Persian capital Esfahan is known for its abundance of historical buildings and the life-giving river Zayandeh-Rood. Replenished from bargain hunting in the city's lavish bazaars, we can head south through the stunning Zagros mountains. Returning to Tehran we now take a short flight to India.

London to Sydney - £3999.00
Days 25-40


After leaving Iran, we instantly notice a distinct change as we hit India - one of the ultimate travelling experiences.

We start our Indian adventure at Mumbai before heading north on to Rajasthan, the largest state of the Indian Republic. From Mumbai we wiill hea to Surat and then on to Udaipur.

The imposing Mehrangarh Fort looks down over the blue-painted houses of Jodhpur, our next stop before reaching the Rajasthan capital Jaipur.

The next stop is Delhi - capital of India

Quite unlike anywhere else on earth, chaotic Delhi is home to more than 10 million people and offers a glimpse of the entire country's diversity.

A short drive south is one of the wonders of the world - and a highlight of any journey - the Taj Mahal. Built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal, it is widely considered as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and stands as a symbol of eternal love. It has also become one of THE photo opportunities on any trip to India

Next up is the holy city of Varanasi on the banks of the River Ganges, which is revered by Hindus. One of the oldest living cities in the world, for more than 2,500 years it has attracted pilgrims eager to wash away their sins in the holy water. Keep your eyes open for floating bodies as the dead are often cast out downstream!

London to Sydney - £3999.00London to Sydney - £3999.00 London to Sydney - £3999.00
Days 41-49

The trip soars to new heights in the medieval mini kingdom of Nepal. A mountainous wilderness, it offers tremendous diversity for such a small country with vast forests rich in wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for Bengal tigers, leopards and even a few Asiatic rhinoceros!

There will be plenty of opportunity to spot the wildlife in Chitwan National Park where it is possible to take an elephant safari in search of the magnificent, but secretive, Bengal tiger.

After Chitwan, we spend some time in Kathmandu, a backpackers' haven and gateway to the mighty Himalayas. There is the chance to take a plane to feast upon the wondrous views of Mount Everest and the surrounding mountains... and back down to earth, you can try try your hand at white water rafting.

Chill out with a sherpa or try some yak stew! You are now at the roof of the world!

London to Sydney - £3999.00
Days 50-61

Thailand & Malaysia

We will take a short flight to Bangkok - a change in country, culture and pace.

We will mark our arrival in Thailand with a few days in the capital, Bangkok. This sprawling metropolis is often referred to as Sin City! Hot, crowded and polluted it may be, but it is not to be missed.

Away from the sights and sounds of the city, you can take excursions to Khao Yai National Park, the bridge over the River Kwai, the famous floating markets - where the locals conduct their daily business afloat - or get up close to the furry inhabitants that give The Tiger Temple its name.

Continuing south, we follow the coastal road around the Gulf of Thailand - a simply stunning part of the country with palm-fringed beaches and crystal clear lagoons. We'll get in some serious relaxing in beach huts on the island of Koh Samui and, if we can time it correctly, take in a full moon beach party!

Next up is the vibrant, ethnically complex nation of Malaysia. We pass yet more stunning coastal scenery as we traverse the west coast, visiting the island of Penang, the first British settlement in Malaysia. Continuing south we head through tropical rain forest to the cooler climates of the Cameron highlands.

Refreshed, we arrive at the futuristic city of Kuala Lumpur. From colonial mansions and the bustle of Chinatown to the modern magnificence of the Petronas Towers, KL is one of the liveliest, most vibrant cities in Southeast Asia.

After heading down to the historic port of Melaka, we break new ground for OzBus as the 2012 trips will head down through Malaysia to the island republic of Singapore for the first time.

Rated as having the best qualify of life in Asia, it combines history and shades of empire with an increasingly thriving modern city.

London to Sydney - £3999.00
Days 62-72


We start our journey through Indonesia on the island of Java. Our first stop is the sprawling metropolis of Jakarta. As we strike east from the capital city, Java offers us a diverse experience - from ancient temples and bubbling mud pools to volcanoes and paddy fields.

In central Java we visit the world famous Borobudur temple, a Buddhist monument built around 788AD which was discovered in 1814 buried in volcanic silt. Now restored, it holds world heritage status.

The impressive volcano Mt Bromo is worth a sunrise climb before we head onto the beautiful island of Bali. With exquisite arts, stunning landscape, beautiful beaches and thousands of temples, it is a living cultural museum.

Kuta is the island's party town, with an array of pubs, clubs and restaurants catering to the pleasure seeker. Further north, the arty town of Ubud - surrounded by lush rolling paddy fields - offers welcome respite from Kuta's excesses.

However you choose to spend them, we will spend a few days of tropical tranquility in Bali to unwind before we take the short flight out of Asia to Darwin, Australia, and begin the final exciting leg to Sydney.

London to Sydney - £3999.00 London to Sydney - £3999.00
Days 73-85


The capital of Australia's Northern Territory, Darwin provides our first taste of western culture for some time.

A modern, relaxed, yet cosmopolitan city with a tropical atmosphere, Darwin serves as a great base to visit the nearby Kakadu National Park, known for its aboriginal rock art and incredible wildlife which includes the huge saltwater crocodile. It also provides our first taste of camping.

To the west is the 180,000 hectare Katherine Gorge National Park with 13 interwoven river gorges that can be explored by boat or on foot - but remember, this is crocodile country!

Travelling south along the Stuart Highway we head towards Australia's heart - the vast, forbidding Outback which makes for an incredible experience. At night we camp under clear starry skies, by day we enjoy endless sun-baked horizons.

After a slight detour to visit the geological wonders that are the Devils Marbles, we arrive at Australia's centre, Alice Springs, before another detour allows us to explore the truly awesome Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the Olgas. We also include a visit to Kings Canyon with a refreshing early morning walk in this awesome place.

Entering South Australia, we arrive at one of the state's most unusual places, Coober Pedy. This small opal mining town is known for its unique style of underground living, where residents escape the hot outback sun in underground cave houses!

Crossing the magnificent Flinders Range, an area steeped in aboriginal dreamtime, we start to leave the harsh desert environment behind as we make our way to the attractive city of Adelaide.

With stunning beaches and the world famous Barossa Valley wine-making region nearby, we enjoy a glass or two and refresh ourselves before striking east along the Murray River to Australia's rural heartland.

From Adelaide, we head out on the final leg of the journey and another departure from recent OzBus trips as we hug the coast on the spectacular Great Ocean Road to the town of Warrnambol and onto the thriving city of Melbourne, capital of the state of Victoria

Next stop is our final destination, Sydney

With its stunning harbour, opera house, harbour bridge and Bondi Beach, Sydney is one of the world's greatest cities. This is a great way to end an unforgettable experience.

Stand in front of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House and you can count yourselves among a select group to have crossed the world in such a remarkable manner.

That's the itinerary, but every trip is different - climb on board and experience your own, unique London to Sydney adventure.

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London to Sydney - £3999.00London to Sydney - £3999.00 London to Sydney - £3999.00