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Q. What is not included?

- International flights from or to your start and finish points
- Sleeping bag and mat on camping trips
- Personal travel insurance
- Visas
- Items of a personal nature
- Optional excursions which are detailed on the trip page
- Restaurant meals and drinks

Q. What is expected of me on OzBus?

A. In order to make the most of your travel experience we ask you to have a flexible attitude to the trips and remember that the more you put in to your experience the more you will get out of it. Flexibility is key and open mind will introduce you to the local delights of the areas you are travelling through as well as allow you to enjoy your trip to its fullest.

Q. Whilst travelling, what facilities will be available for me to communicate with home?

A. Email/Internet cafés can be found on most routes fairly regularly and are the cheapest way to communicate with family and friends. If you do not already have an email address set one up before you go; Yahoo! and Hotmail are the most popular. Some café connections can be slow and in remote areas it is still fairly expensive so ask friends to refrain from sending any emails that have pictures or music to download. This way you can make the most of your time telling everyone about your travels and still have time to fit in sightseeing. Set up a skype account, as this is a great way to keep in touch for free. Phoning from abroad, land line or mobile, is expensive wherever you travel and often lines are bad; email and skype bypasses a lot of these problems and lets everyone know where you are.

Q. Who are my fellow passengers?

A. Your fellow passengers usually come from a variety of backgrounds - normally a mixture of British, Irish, Australian, New Zealanders, European and North American. On the London Sydney tip for example, some are setting off to backpack Australia, others are simply heading home or to visit relations and many just doing the trip. There's normally a fairly even mix of sexes and a good mix of ages young and not so young! Most passengers come as individuals, while others book with friends. Either way, you will find yourself amongst new found friends from all over the world.

Q What sort of accommodation is there on the Budget and Comfort London to Sydney trips?

A. On our traditional Budget trips we use a mixture of hostels, hotels and - for a few spectacular nights in the Australian Outback - camping. The hotels are on a twin share basis and the hostels, mostly in Europe with a few in Australia, have same sex rooms with up to 10 beds, although most are 4-6.  The camping is in Australia and all the equipment apart from sleeping bags is provided. Our new Comfort trips are ideal for couples or those who want more privacy with twin-room accommodation in hostels. All other aspects of the trip remain the same. The upgrade is priced at £500 per person for the whole trip (subject to availability).

Q. How long beforehand should I book?

A. It's difficult to say but trips often book up quite early. It's advisable to book as early as you can and at least 5-6 months before departure. (Sometimes we can accommodate late bookings, give us a call and see what we can do for you.)

Q. Can I leave the trips and rejoin later?

A. Yes you can, we try not to run trips where we hold your hand, and you are free to come and go as you please. Just remember that any excursions away from the group are at your own expense.

Q. Are the destinations that we visit safe?

A. As with all trips, whether it's to Tunbridge Wells or Turkey, we can never guarantee that an area is one hundred per cent safe. However, we take the safety of our travellers, and our tour leaders, extremely seriously, and would not operate in an area where we consider there to be a significant risk. When deciding matters like this, we take advice from both the British Foreign Office and our local operators, to make sure that we base our decisions on the most up to date and accurate information.

Q. Can you help arrange my travel visas?

A. Requirements for travel visas vary depending on your nationality. Although we are unable to arrange visas on your behalf we recommend using the services of a visa processing company.

Q. What is the Local Payment?

A. The Local Payment is payable to your Tour leader on Day 1 of your trip. It is a part of your trip cost and your leader will use it to pay for some of the costs during the trip that have to be paid in cash.

Q. Will I be able to charge my phone/iPod etc?

A. Take a world plug adaptor and you should be able recharge your electrical equipment on most trips on most nights at the hostels or hotels.

Q. Is there a minimum / maximum age?

A. There is no maximum age, however, we cannot take anyone under 18 years old.

Q. Is it the same bus the whole way?

A. No; generally we use different buses as we go along. On the London Sydney trips we will use the same one through Europe and then as we progress our local partners supply us with a guide and a similar vehicle. This we believe helps to support the local economies as well as helping us to provide you with a good and reliable service. In South America we use a specialist Overland vehicle that has been built especially for the conditons encountered.

Q. How much additional spending money will I need?

A. This will depend greatly on your desire to buy souvenirs and drink beer! In reality there are many, many, different things you will want to spend your money on including optional excursions on our trips. It is very difficult for us to predict how much you will spend but it will probably be a minimum of several hundred pounds and could be much more if you do everything!

Q. Will I be sent any more information?

A. Yes. At about 12 weeks before your trip you will be sent an information pack, which outlines your trip in more detail. This includes information on visas, vaccinations and what to bring with you. Of course you can contact us at any time once you have paid your deposit and we have confirmed your place.

Q. Do Oz-Bus run any other trips apart from London Sydney?

A. Yes, we operate trips to a number of interesting destinations, please see the home page for details.

Q. Where can I find your departure dates?

A. You can find departure dates on the Itinerary pages.

Q. Are there any flights on the trips?

A. On some trips it may be necessary to take short flights to avoid difficult or dangerous areas.

Q. Can you book Pre and Post Tour accommodation for me?

A. Yes we can. Let us know as early as possible before departure and we can try to organise pre and post tour accommodation for you. (Depending on availability) in central Sydney at the comfortable and award winning Base Backpackers.


Responsible Tourism

We here at Oz-Bus like to think that the responsible type of travel that we offer can bring some benefits to the communities and countries that we travel through. From understanding the effects, positive and negative of our travel we hope to mitigate the problems and maximise the benefits. We plan and run the trips with the understanding that OzBus can bring economic benefits to our host communities and help through our visits the conservation of fragile natural and man made environments.

Oz-Bus engages with our local suppliers and partners to ensure that we can maximise the economic benefits to the areas and people we visit.

Oz-Bus takes into consideration economic, cultural and environmental issues when developing new and existing trips.

We ensure our Tour Leaders are knowledgeable on Responsible Tourism issues and run the trips with this in mind passing this information on to our clients.
We ask our clients through our leaders and our published literature to act in a socially responsible way, and respecting local cultures at all times.

We have integrated Responsible Tourism practices through out our company including at our offices where we work to reduce our carbon footprint.

Oz-Bus offers a lower carbon way to travel and ask our clients to offset their travel by using one of the Carbon Offset schemes available such as Climate Care.

We regularly review our Responsible Tourism practices and keep up to date on the latest developments and pass this on through regular training.

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